Monotasking community meetup in China on Tuesday

The Shenzhen Monotasking community will kick-off a meetup on Tuesday (Sept 19) in Shenzhen Centre Bookstore. They have planned an ambitious agenda — starting at 7.30 pm and ending 90 minutes later — filled with talks, games and exercises. As preparation, they sent me three questions. Here goes my answers:

What’s your life purpose with this book “Monotasking”?

The book Introduces tools from the Monotasking method like…

  • Panorama/Monotasking Rhythm,
  • Panorama Cue,
  • Short List,
  • Grass Catcher List,
  • Weekly Weeding,
  • Weekly Purpose,
  • Volunteer Hour,
  • Auto Insisting Tasks,
  • Lakein’s Question,
  • Push the Fledgling Out of the Nest, and
  • Creative Walk.

But it’s not only a simple manual. Many, many stories in the book helps you understand the drivers behind these tools. Why is the Waiter Effect so important? Are our brains wired to be more efficient when we focus in small cycles? Why will everybody benefit if we skip many useful things we’re doing right now? These drivers are backed by scientific research. My hope is that the Monotasking tools as well as understanding these drivers will put many people back in charge of their day.

Are you planing to make “Monotasking” become a “patent” method like GTD and Pomodoro Technique in the long-term?

Monotasking will be a long-lived story. People from all around the world have tried and some sent me feedback. The method is philosophically very different from other productivity methods. It’s designed to favor intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation, and natural flow over disciplined regulations. For example, by cutting down on options, we can use our outstanding human intuition when prioritizing. And by putting more value in importance and purpose than in urgency and reward systems, we’ll automatically be more motivated to get going. More material will be produced by me and in particular by the global community. Mia Kolmodin’s poster is an example.

Via these meet-up / workshop what type of feedback do you expect from attendance? What do you hope them to learn?
I hope that people share their experience and inspire each other. There’s no such thing as an one-size-fits-all process. A method describes the general case, but a specific person might benefit from a tweak or an extension. I know the Monotasking method works for me and it also works for enthusiasts that gave me feedback. However, I’d very much like to know how and why practitioners tweaked or extended.

(Picture above is from the community meetup 2015, in which I was one of the speakers.)

2 thoughts on “Monotasking community meetup in China on Tuesday

  1. Could you kindly explain what is a Creative Walk?
    From the poster in Chinese, I consider the meaning of the Creative Walk is go for a walk then maybe you’ll get some creative ideas. I’m not sure about the understanding. Or a Creative Walk is some working technic?
    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Flyingbird,

      Several studies suggest that sedentary behavior reduces creativity as well as positive emotions. Research also shows that the type of environment you walk in impacts your creativity. Creative Walk is the routine, described in the Monotasking book, to take frequent walks and visualize them in a diagram.

      BR // Staffan


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