Where can I find a book on Monotasking?

Staffan’s Monotasking book was released in 2018 in Chinese by Turing Book. For more information on the editions in English (and other languages), please contact Staffan Nöteberg: staffan.noteberg@rekursiv.se

Is there some other Monotasking documentation, perhaps more light reading?

A Monotasking Quick Guide e-booklet is in the melting pot. It will be released soon in English, probably under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Let Staffan know if you can help us translate it to any other language: staffan.noteberg@rekursiv.se

The free poster Monotasking in a Nutshell co-created by Mia Kolmodin is available for download.

Where can I find resources like promotion pictures, podcasts, articles etc.?

These kind of things reside on our Resources page. Contact Staffan if you miss anything there: staffan.noteberg@rekursiv.se

Can I teach Monotasking or help in any other way?

Yes, of course you can! Firstly you can volunteer to translate the Monotasking Quick Guide into your local language. Secondly, you’re free to write about, teach or in other ways share your experience of the Monotasking method.

How can I invite Staffan to present Monotasking for the people at my office?

This is described on the Seminars page.

Can I contact Staffan with questions or feedback?

Staffan is always happy to receive questions and feedback. Send him an email: staffan.noteberg@rekursiv.se