Chaishu—How To Dismantle a Book in Only Two Hours

How do you read and understand the main points of a book in two hours? Chaishu, suggested by Chinese writer Zhou Zhao, has recently grown popular in China. It's a way to digest non-fiction in a collaborative way of monotasking. Yuan Gong is member of a Chaishu group that meet regularly in Shanghai: "We often … Continue reading Chaishu—How To Dismantle a Book in Only Two Hours

A3 Poster: Monotasking in a Nutshell

Mia Kolmodin has created a fabulous poster on the Monotasking method. She's done similar and very popular posters before on other subjects, like Agile and Product Ownership. Here's the Monotasking method poster: Print it and put it on your wall if you're serious about personal productivity.

Procrastination — mini Q & A

Q: I start every morning with clear intentions to complete one important task. For some reason I don't get started and in the afternoon I'm too tired. What can I do? A: Planning and prioritizing very much takes place in the part of the brain called prefrontal cortex. It´s an energy thirsty organ and it … Continue reading Procrastination — mini Q & A