A3 Poster: Monotasking in a Nutshell

Mia Kolmodin has created a fabulous poster on the Monotasking method. She's done similar and very popular posters before on other subjects, like Agile and Product Ownership. Here's the Monotasking method poster: https://dandypeople.com/blog/monotasking-in-a-nutshell-the-free-poster-stop-procrastination-and-get-shit-done Print it and put it on your wall if you're serious about personal productivity.

Procrastination — mini Q & A

Q: I start every morning with clear intentions to complete one important task. For some reason I don't get started and in the afternoon I'm too tired. What can I do? A: Planning and prioritizing very much takes place in the part of the brain called prefrontal cortex. It´s an energy thirsty organ and it … Continue reading Procrastination — mini Q & A

New Chinese Book Cover & Talk at Scan Agile

The Monotasking book will soon be released in Chinese. The cover was recently improved with new art work. See above. The Scandinavian Agile Conference, March 2nd, in Helsinki will feature a Monotasking talk. Tickets available here: http://www.scan-agile.org/ For more information on the English (and other languages) edition of the Monotasking book, please contact Robert Mackwood … Continue reading New Chinese Book Cover & Talk at Scan Agile